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Repair 1000 Tn Knee brace press

Client: Company of Logroño

Dismounting, repair by welding structure, mountig and launch of Knee brace type press Russian brand of 1000 tons.

Press Arisa 250 tons in Vizcaya

Replacement of electronic panel, machine control panel and fitness to RD 1215/1997. A press Arisa TN 250.

U.S. Industries. Press 800 Tons in Gipuzkoa company

Design, construction, installation and launch of electrical and electronic system of 800 tons press.
Design and realization of automatic management system with touch screen .

Integral Retrofit vertical lathe in Vizcaya

Complete replacement of the electric and electronic system around 4 meters vertical plate, New generation control CNC FAGOR 8070. Running 2 channels simultaneously.
Plate motor 160 KW. Constant cutting rate

Transfer stamping press Loire to Portugal

Dismounting in Sabadell, moved to Portugal, repair and assembly of hydraulic LOIRE  press of 800 TN

Mounting vertical lathe in Tafalla

Mounting and launch of vertical lathe plate SMTCL 1600.

Hydroforming machine

April 19, 2012adminWork done

Client: Fagor household appliances

Fagor household appliances. Replacement of guide bushings shaped camera cover

1200 TN Transfer Press Arisa in Portugal

April 19, 2012adminWork done

Client: ARISA. S.A.

Mounting  1200 Tn  Arisa press link-Drive with electronic transfer, in Portugal,

Change of lay-out in ISN

April 19, 2012adminWork done


Dismounting, moving and mounting of 5 SANDRETTO Injection Molding Machines, ISN group plan.

Repair of bridge crane truck 40 tons.

April 19, 2012adminWork done


Gear Repair, replacement of cable hoist 40 tons. placement of motors and inverter of bridge crane in translation

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