SG Industrial
  • SG Industrial

    INDUSTRIAL SG with over 25 years of industry experience, created with the aim of providing a comprehensive service in maintenance, repair, improvement, transportation machinery, fittings, etc.

  • security

    Our company always believes in the effectiveness and safety, so we offer you our valuation of occupational hazards, counting our  professionals with official certificates of management forklifts, cranes, lifting platforms and working at heights.

  • productive resources

    For the effective implementation of our work we have vans fully equipped with the latest tools (hydraulic jacks up to 700 TN, torque wrenches, pressure transducers, torque multipliers, etc..) And a lift height of 11m own .

  • References

    We currently serve more than 500 customers, both large companies and small workshops, offering the same quality and efficiency in the development of our work.

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